Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Online Breathwork Discussion Group starting

I've just started a discussion group based round my booklet-CD set 'Connect Your Breath!' People with the book are doing breathwork sessions, then I am offering coaching advice online.

The venue is the new Runa College, at http://edred.net/moodle/ , although you might have to go to http://edred.net/ first to learn about the College and enrol.

Here's the blurb from the course:

This group is all about the experience of breathwork. It is highly practical, and has as its one requirement that you possess a copy of my book/CD set ‘Connect Your Breath!’ The CD is a ‘virtual coach’ you can use for a 50 minute breathwork session on your own or with someone else.

Breathwork benefits our moment-to-moment awareness and cultivates the observing position or 'observer self'. It is a much more interesting way of learning to meditate.

It cultivates our relationship with the deep parts of us that guide our development through bodily sensation - in other words, it opens us up to our 'bodily wisdom', the semi-conscious and unconscious channels through which the Wode-Fetch complex communicates with us.

It also confers mundane benefits, of relaxation, de-stressing, pain management, the overcoming of insomnia and panic attacks, and increases our appetite for life. And it is also a cure for boredom!

What to do:

Have a look at my website, www.chaotopia.co.uk, and read a bit about breathwork.

Get your copy of the book, start to practice breathwork and then there are two (not at all mutually-exclusive) options – email me personally to ask for advice on your own breathwork practice, and bring your experiences to this Forum for discussion.

Out of this discussion group, I will at some stage create a course on Breathwork, with more coaching options.

More on that later!

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  1. Breathwork can cause distress and has no proven positive health impact other than perhaps promoting relaxation. thanks for the post will definitely look for more.