Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Two Energy Magic workshops

Two posts in a day - I'm catching up, not setting a new pace for myself!

The pilgrimage attitude: I bring something. This is the opposite of tourism, where I go to consume something, the something being ‘differentness’. (All travellers – read Hakim Bey’s ‘Overcoming Tourism’, at )

So I went on a ridiculously early flight to my Austrian workshop. Well, 7.15 is not in itself ridiculously early but factor in the 'arrive 2 hours early' acrobatics of current security and the fact that London's underground does not run all night, I had to get up at 3 in order to get 2 night buses.

But at least it wasn’t Ryanair - no food ban, the flight is not packed (with people who’ve never been on Ryanair before), and the seats have pockets in the back for your books. There is no sense that you're a victim lured onto one of their flights to be bamboozled, tricked, and ripped off. And for no difference in price either.

So I'm definitely not complaining. I decided to enjoy the sleeplessness amidst the crumbling charms of Schloss Limberg, and presented a workshop on Energy Magic. People loved it: We did the breath, felt the energy, went outside to feel it in the forest, and as we came back in, there was the most almighty crack of thunder and the heavens opened.

That's not the first time I've seen such a thing, and I regaled the participants with the tale of a storm in upstate New York that our chaotron seemed to kick off. The flimsy wall of the seminar room let water in, and we had to staunch the flow with sheets before we moved on to doing healing with the energy.

Three people lay down, other sat or stood while we did healing on them. I succeeded in following two of them up over the next couple of weeks, and both healings were sustained, not mere temporary good feelings.

My next presentation was at Pendle Hill Pagan Camp. The success of this session came as a bit of a surprise, because some of the people who turned up didn't seem to want to do any work. However those who did carried it well, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Two healings I’m aware of happened, one of the recipients of which I managed to sustain contact with.

Her experience was quite far from any of the healings I've reported on these pages - more like a deep trance leading to emotional and spiritual resolution; more like the kind of thing I'm familiar with as a breathwork coach.
The dimensions of energy work continue to unfold; there is plenty to do in seeking this mystery.

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