Monday, 10 October 2011

More books for the market stall

Hello everyone, I need to slim down my book collection, so am selling the following.
With some guideline prices, but any reasonable offer accepted, postage extra.

Stanton T Friedman - Top Secret / Majic. Hardback, first edition. £8
Ann Druffel - How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction, hardback £3
Ken Wilber - The Eye of Spirit, p/bk £5
David Madsen - Confessions of a Flesh-eater (complete with recipes) p/bk £2
Alex Constantine - Psychic Dictatorship in the USA p/bk £8
Robert Graham - Night Vision; The powers of darkness £10
Timothy Leary - Chaos and Cyber-Culture £7

And some CDs:

Freya Aswynn - Shades of Yggdrasil. Includes the notorious recording of Crowley's Leah Sublime £8

All other CDs £5
Stuart Davies - 16 Nudes, Live
Changes - Legends
Blacklight Braille - The Castle of the Northern Crown (2 copies)
" - Black Moon Selection
" - Songs From Moonlight Snow; the songs of Owen Knight
" - Dietles Tavern to Shadowland (2 copies)
" - Sailing Away
" - In a Dark Garden

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