Friday, 25 November 2011

Raise a glass to the memory of Philip Harper

On Tuesday I learned of the death of my friend Philip Harper. He was a truly extraordinary man, who lived his life in the quest for higher consciousness. Having been born with cysteinosis, he knew his life would not be long, and he packed more into his twenty-something years than most people manage in twice that or more.

Right up to the end, he was still struggling: a few months ago, he ordered a very demanding esoteric study package.

His final blog entry:
'I have now been told that their are no medical treatments options left to cure my cancer. At this point you reflect on the fact that although they or us may think doctors are gods, they are not. Whats left, all the non-medical options and a will to live.'
For those who never had the privelege of knowing him, his blog is still up at  . His website is also still visible at  

There is a lot more that I could say about Phil, but I want to get this out into the world. 
So I raise a glass to a man who will be sorely missed, but who leaves us all a mighty example.

'Now the words of the High One
Are heard in the High One's hall.
... Hail, to those who hear them!'


  1. Hi, this blog is about my second cousin. I attended Phillip's funeral today and discovered his interest in magic and the fact that he published a book on the topic, both things that I never knew about him. I was just searching the internet for more information on his book and came across your blog entry in the process. This is such a fine tribute to the man. Please keep in touch, I'd like to know a little bit more about him where his interest in magic and blogging it seems is concerned (that's if you want to). My email address is ... it will be nice to talk to you.

  2. As a reader of Philip's blog and book I was shocked to hear this news. I felt his words were characterised by a compelling honesty, integrity and bravery – qualities no doubt also shared by the man who wrote them.

  3. Indeed, he was someone very special. Thanks for your comments.