Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Notes from Energy Magic Workshop

Practical Energy Magic

Wick Farm House, Oxford,  May 16th 2015. 11.00 – 19.30

This was a great day of energy work, healing work and discussion. Here are the notes. 

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Summary Notes for Participants

Introduced ourselves. Talked about Varieties of Energy Work:  have y done: qigong? Rebirthing BW? Holotropic BW? This is related to all of those practices.

Talked about:
-         Energy magic, what is it? The energy paradigm in magic. The loss of a European traditional lineage for energy magic; we refer a lot to Qigong, and Prana work.
-         Connected Breathwork and Energy Magic.

Practical: Basic Energy Exercises:
Becoming aware of your Energy centres, Circulating the energy.
Sealing your aura for when you emerge into the world
Grounding, for when your energy gets too intense.

Practical: Raising the energy:
Loosen up, do Shaking.
Feel the shiver…

Practical: The Energy Healing Breath (EHB):

Do continuous, connected breathing, through the mouth, to a rhythm of 2-6 or 1-4.
Experiment with the length of inhale and exhale.
Breathe from your abdomen for the best results - if you're not sure where you're breathing from, place one hand on your belly and one on your chest - only the belly hand should move if you're breathing abdominally.

Entraining the Energy:
Breathe in, from the earth, your feet, up your body with the inhale.
When you have a good rhythm established, introduce this visualization: the energy flowing up from the earth into your feet on the inhale, up your body to your head, changing direction with the beginning of the exhale to flow down your arms to your hands.
Keep going till you feel it in your hands.

Continue this for 10 minutes, to learn how to sustain this level of energy.

Feedback time:
Stop the exercise and breath gently and slowly. Take stock.
Sensations like dizziness may arise – these are harmless but may be disturbing.  

Practical: Elemental energy:
Go outside, walk to the woods.
Repeat EHB exercise (as above).
Walk about, watch and feel.

Feedback time:
Discuss what we felt from trees, sky, etc.

Practical: Moving the energy:
Do the EHB. Move around.

Form Qi-balls.

Group energy: pass the energy around with the chi balls, play around with it.

Get into a circle, still keeping energy going.
Pass energy to person on opposite side of circle, entraining it to flow between our heads and feet, then to all in circle.

THAT was a Chaotron! We can come back to that if you like, later.
But for now, let’s do some HEALING

Practical: Healing:
Call for volunteers.
Stand round and direct energy at them.
Move closer, place hands over sites where energy is needed.

Feedback time
Discussed experiences.

Practical: Chaotron again – 25min, remote healing, each choose own recipient.
At end of this, did films  (Story of smoky-light entity round neck of man in exorcism)

Practical: Sitting meditation
25 minutes

Practical: Final Energy Exercises:
-         Energy centres, Circulation, lesser orbit, seal aura.
-         Grounding.

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