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Notes from Energy Magic Workshop

Practical Energy Magic Wick Farm House, Oxford,  May 16 th 2015. 11.00 – 19.30 This was a great day of energy work, healing work and discussion. Here are the notes.  *** If you would like advance notice of similar workshops, please leave your email address in Comments below or contact me at and I'll include you in mailouts.  *** Summary Notes for Participants Introduced ourselves. Talked about Varieties of Energy Work:  have y done: qigong? Rebirthing BW? Holotropic BW? This is related to all of those practices. Talked about: -          Energy magic, what is it? The energy paradigm in magic. The loss of a European traditional lineage for energy magic; we refer a lot to Qigong, and Prana work. -          Connected Breathwork and Energy Magic. Practical: Basic Energy Exercises: Becoming aware of your Energy centres, Circulating the energy. Sealing your aura for when you emerge into the world Grounding, for when your energy gets

Rune-Song Workshop, Bilbao

The following is the text of the notes I used. I am very prone to improvising, so this is very much the bare bones of the event. The Runic Attributions handout at the end is the Spanish language one used at the workshop. An English language version is now available. Please email me at for a copy of it. Next weekend, 16th May 2015, I shall be giving a day-long workshop on Energy Magic in Oxford. This promises to be a terrific event, and there are still a few places left. Check out I shall soon be offering some new magical events; as well as my occasional workshops, this will include online events, coordinated workings, and webinars at some stage. If you would like to be kept informed about these new things, please email me at and I'll put you on my mailing list. Rune-Song Workshop,  for Public IOT Event,  Ateneo Izarbeltz, Bilbao, April 23rd 2015 Need: Elder Futhark handouts, BFTW cove