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Why Eris?

Years ago, in New York City, my love and I were hanging out with magical friends in Eris's Big Apple, so we thought we'd do an Eris pilgrimage. We went to 23rd Street, to the corner by the Flatiron Building, where the wind gusted and lifted the skirts of the girls, and police would roust the layabouts who were ogling them, giving them the 23 Skidoo. We knew the magic was warming up when we discovered a place on 23rd St neither of us had heard of - the Lawrence and Eris Field Building, one  asset of a private educational foundation . I mean, it's not every day you come across a human called Eris, is it? And on 23rd Street!! We walked around some more. We drank cider and ate apples. It was a fun pilgrimage. My last little Eris pilgrimage happened by... chance? Chaos? This pilgrimage was also fun, but acquired additional depths. I booked in for a meditation retreat (with in Greece. It was on the Pelion Peninsula, a gorgeous bit of Macedonia. I loo