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Dave's new blog

Hello World, I decided to start this blog to create a new space for the reviews I'm writing, rather than cramming them onto the back pages of my website ( For my previous reviews, check out the 'Writings' page of I might think of other things to post up here at some stage, but for now here's my first review: Magick Works by Julian Vayne, Mandrake of Oxford Readers of books on paganism, chaos magic and psychoactive sacraments may well be familiar with Julian Vayne's characteristic mix of essay, ritual report and personal anecdote. This book reprises that blend – the subtitle is 'Stories of occultism in theory and practice' – and those who enjoy his vivid personal tales of magic will not be disappointed – he reveals a good deal of his personal magical history, telling how he came to magic and relating the magical dimensions of the birth of his son. The essays are also very interesting, Vayne engaging with theoretica