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Review - The Heir To The North by Steven Poore

h ttp:// = The book is Part 1 of the two part story Malessar's Curse. In the prologue, we learn of a mighty empire that reigned in the North, eight hundred years before, and was smashed by the sorcery of the wizard Malessar. The echoes of the fall of Caenthell and the High King reverberate down through the centuries, appearing in the tales told by storytellers. Protagonist Cassia is marinated in these and other stories, as a result of homeless wandering with her abusive drunken storyteller father.  This is a superb plot device - between the storyteller father and a centuries-old wizard whom he and Cassia take up with we have a rich explication of the rich backstory as this ill-matched crew travel the myth-drenched landscape on a quest for the ancient sorcerer Malessar, a quest the true nature of which remains tantalizingly obscure until near the end. The opening scene

Brion Gysin exhibition, October Gallery

Went to see this last weekend. This is a last-minute blog - there is only a week and a bit left to see this exhibition, so I won't be writing much. Check out There are so many rich things about the work on display. One of Gysin's hallmarks is Arabic-style calligraphy, done in hot desert colours, glimpses into a shadow-realm between words and pictures, a realm of magic. Another of his techniques is used to create the large pictures, painted with a carved paint-roller, forming cityscapes, dream cities. Friends Popping Out of Windows shows tiny photos of his friends, inset into the enormous structures of the world - again, the feel of magic. Of course, the thing Gysin is most famous for is the invention of the Dreamachine. In the event we went to last Saturday, Luciana Haill spoke of Gysin's intentions in promoting the Dreamachine - to restore an alternation of the dark and light stages of consciousness, ou

On Turning the Wheel of Wealth

Recently, my partner inherited money from her parents, after her mother's death. Once some debts were paid, we were both better off. This increase in our wealth happened at a good time - our lives were definitely enhanced, but as a side-effect of the death of someone we loved dearly. I tell this tale to point up the paradoxical gratitude mixed with mourning that is the state in which we inherit resources, and the underlying pattern in human life - that of receiving and passing on. The amount of money I received was not large, it will not enable me to retire, or to change my lifestyle significantly. But the amount does not matter in this case - even if you don't stand to inherit any money, consider what you have received from the world around you. You live in a house. It is likely that someone else built it. That person may now be dead - you will never be able to meet and shake the hand of the person who built the home environment you live in. One day you will leave the ho

I Was There - film of talk on History of the IOT


Notes from Energy Magic Workshop

Practical Energy Magic Wick Farm House, Oxford,  May 16 th 2015. 11.00 – 19.30 This was a great day of energy work, healing work and discussion. Here are the notes.  *** If you would like advance notice of similar workshops, please leave your email address in Comments below or contact me at and I'll include you in mailouts.  *** Summary Notes for Participants Introduced ourselves. Talked about Varieties of Energy Work:  have y done: qigong? Rebirthing BW? Holotropic BW? This is related to all of those practices. Talked about: -          Energy magic, what is it? The energy paradigm in magic. The loss of a European traditional lineage for energy magic; we refer a lot to Qigong, and Prana work. -          Connected Breathwork and Energy Magic. Practical: Basic Energy Exercises: Becoming aware of your Energy centres, Circulating the energy. Sealing your aura for when you emerge into the world Grounding, for when your energy gets

Rune-Song Workshop, Bilbao

The following is the text of the notes I used. I am very prone to improvising, so this is very much the bare bones of the event. The Runic Attributions handout at the end is the Spanish language one used at the workshop. An English language version is now available. Please email me at for a copy of it. Next weekend, 16th May 2015, I shall be giving a day-long workshop on Energy Magic in Oxford. This promises to be a terrific event, and there are still a few places left. Check out I shall soon be offering some new magical events; as well as my occasional workshops, this will include online events, coordinated workings, and webinars at some stage. If you would like to be kept informed about these new things, please email me at and I'll put you on my mailing list. Rune-Song Workshop,  for Public IOT Event,  Ateneo Izarbeltz, Bilbao, April 23rd 2015 Need: Elder Futhark handouts, BFTW cove

The Mysterious Force That You Know So Well

My first unambiguous encounter with life-force energy occurred in my teens. I'd taken a fairly high dose of LSD, and was watching my friend's cat, which was stalking peacefully about at the other end of the room. Then something moved me to point at the cat, with a lazy, flicking gesture. This stuff, like light but all bent and twisted like lightning, came out of the tip of my index finger and arced across the room, hitting the cat. It looked exactly like the stuff that came out of the hands of sorcerers in Doctor Strange comic, those kinked, glowing arcs of energy exchanged between battling wizards. It would just have been a drug hallucination but for the effect it had on the cat. It jumped two feet in the air and leaped out of the window. I was concerned for it (I've always loved cats) and went over to look out; it was tearing off across the yard. Later I discovered it was fine. The movement I had made was slow and easy, not abrupt enough to startle the cat. Those Docto

Review of EPOCH by Peter J. Carroll and Matt Kaybrin

EPOCH - Esotericon and Portals of Chaos, by Peter J. Carroll and Matt Kaybrin, pub. Arcanorium College. This book has taken me some months to review. Partly because of its sheer size and scale, but also because it represents in some ways a summation of Peter Carroll's total contribution to magical practice and history. So it really made me think about what was important and what wasn't about this man's extraordinary work. I've known Pete Carroll since 1979, from meetings in the Sorcerer's Apprentice coffee mornings in Leeds. I was one of the founder members of the first IOT group in West Yorkshire, begun in 1980 and centred on the village of East Morton, where Ray Sherwin had a house, and where Pete Carroll lived for a while. So we go back a long way, and his work, particularly Liber Null , has often inspired me. Not only that, but nothing has yet come along to replace Chaos Magic as the forefront magical current; its history is the h