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TechnoMage by Dirk Bruere - Review

TechnoMage by Dirk Bruere. Pub. Lulu, available from It's extraordinary what can happen when a detailed and state-of-the-art knowledge of engineering, psychology, physics, exotic computing, neurophysiology, martial arts, psi experiments and a few less well-known or less respectable disciplines are blended with magic inside the same skull. Dirk Bruere put this book into my hands back in June last year and I've only just finished reading it. My reasons are: a) I find books on magic very hard to read, b) this is a large and complex book and c) there is some very, very interesting and important stuff in it. At the start, the author asks: 'Who is this book aimed at? ... That rather rare breed who mix science, engineering and magick into what I have termed TechnoShamanism.' That comment earns points with me straightaway: Bruere is not claiming to be teaching anything about 'shamanism', thereby removing himself from the grotesque an

Energy Magic course at Arcanorium

A Happy New year to all my readers! In shall be running a course on Practical Energy Magic, 6 weeks, starting 8th January, 2011, at Arcanorium online College. Come along and learn how to sense and move 'magical energy'. Week 1 - Breathing and energy. Learning to sense energy. Week 2 - Hands-on energy healing on others Week 3 - Combining energy work with sound Week 4 - Projecting energy Week 5 - Projecting vocal spells Week 6 - The Subtle Energy Question and advanced work Arcanorium info at I'm happy to answer enquiries, at See you there!