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The Octavo, by Peter J Carroll - a review

The Octavo, a sorcerer-scientist's grimoire, (Roundworld Edition) by Peter J Carroll. This is the second book Pete Carroll has brought out in the last two years, after a number of years' silence. In 2008, there was 'The Apophenion', which was something of a departure towards an overall philosophical position, which we might call chaoism, as distinct from chaos magic. Now he presents us with a new synthesis that aims at a much closer marriage of scientific theory and magic than he, or, to my knowledge, anyone else, has attempted. The first thing you'll notice about this book (other than the excellent illustrations) is the subtitle. The reference will be lost on non-Pratchett experts like me; I've enjoyed a few of Pratchett's books and found others a bit twee for my taste. (I have to admit, though, that he shows superb understanding of the thermodynamics of godhood in 'Small Gods', and a brilliant vision of the Other in 'Lo

Online Breathwork Discussion Group starting

I've just started a discussion group based round my booklet-CD set 'Connect Your Breath!' People with the book are doing breathwork sessions, then I am offering coaching advice online. The venue is the new Runa College, at , although you might have to go to first to learn about the College and enrol. Here's the blurb from the course: This group is all about the experience of breathwork. It is highly practical, and has as its one requirement that you possess a copy of my book/CD set ‘Connect Your Breath!’ The CD is a ‘virtual coach’ you can use for a 50 minute breathwork session on your own or with someone else. Breathwork benefits our moment-to-moment awareness and cultivates the observing position or 'observer self'. It is a much more interesting way of learning to meditate. It cultivates our relationship with the deep parts of us that guide our development through bodily sensation - in other words, it opens us

High Society, Mind-Altering Drugs in Culture and History - Review

High Society, Mind-Altering Drugs in Culture and History. Exhibition at Wellcome Collection, until 27 February, Admission Free. Details at And book, As you walk in the door, the first thing you see is a massive display case. It is choc-a-bloc with drug-taking paraphernalia from all around the world and throughout the ages, from ancient South American vessels for psychoactive snuff, through bongs, opium pipes, a crack pipe made from a pierced cola can to some wineglasses, full of red and white wine, sealed across the top for some recent corporate event or other. If you needed convincing of the basic idea of this exhibition, that 'Every society on Earth is a high society', then you probably needed look no further. Artefacts around drug-taking are what this exhibition displays, not only the drug-taking kits themselves, many of which are a tribute to