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The Crowned and Conquering Brat: Some reflections on nippled cups, Grab Bags and baby talk

It's time I had a proper rant. Some of the things I dreamed about in the Playpower phase of my youth have come true, and I hate them. Crowley's magick takes us through a succession of Aeons: first, there is Isis the Mother, the Pagan Aeon, in which we are ruled by the laws of Nature. Then comes Osiris the Father, the Aeon of monotheism and, most recently (since 1904 according to Crowley), the Aeon of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child, the beginning of the maturation of humanity beyond repressive laws. Yes, much of the old world had to go, such as the sexual repression horror of Victorian society that still lingered on. That was dealt a significant blow by the lifestyle rebellions of the 60s; the Aeon of Horus was still making sense. Fourteen years ago, it still made sense: In Chaotopia! I prized neoteny, which, biologically speaking is when individuals reach sexual maturity without developing all the other adult characteristics of that species; this is of course

More books for the market stall

Hello everyone, I need to slim down my book collection, so am selling the following. With some guideline prices, but any reasonable offer accepted, postage extra. BOOKS Stanton T Friedman - Top Secret / Majic. Hardback, first edition. £8 Ann Druffel - How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction, hardback £3 Ken Wilber - The Eye of Spirit, p/bk £5 David Madsen - Confessions of a Flesh-eater (complete with recipes) p/bk £2 Alex Constantine - Psychic Dictatorship in the USA p/bk £8 Robert Graham - Night Vision; The powers of darkness £10 Timothy Leary - Chaos and Cyber-Culture £7 And some CDs: Freya Aswynn - Shades of Yggdrasil. Includes the notorious recording of Crowley's Leah Sublime £8 All other CDs £5 Stuart Davies - 16 Nudes, Live Changes - Legends Blacklight Braille - The Castle of the Northern Crown (2 copies) " - Black Moon Selection &quo