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Singing in the pub: The Sheffield Carols

Last Friday night, I went to the other side of town and sang carols in a pub. As my dear readers will know, I'm not at all keen on christianity. However, I do like a good sing, and I only learned last year that I live in a town that boasts a unique folk event, the Sheffield Carols. These are not any old carols; they are traditional words, but sung to locally-written tunes, often unusual and complex, with four-part harmonies and so forth. The groups are very local, and pub-based. Each group writes its own tunes, and works them up to a carol season that starts  in November.  ( )   The Old Harrow hosts other folk traditions too, including Sword Dancing ( . An idea of a carol session can be got at and On Friday, the opening song was 'While Shepherds Watched', bu