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The Road to Thule is now available in paperback!

My novel, The Road to Thule, is now available in paperback! It's a techno-magical dystopian flood-world story, with eight songs. The first 5 pages are previewed here: Warning: Contains sex, violence, singing and English heathenism. 'Souls such as ours bear within them the terrible energies of cosmic fire and ice, the anvils of the giants. We are of the Allfather's brood, and were forged for something greater, something that reality shatters on. You are of that bloodline, Alex, and you will come to know it.’ Exiled from his pleasant life in the heathen Kingdom of Wessex, Alex Tyler embarks on a journey through the flooded British Isles’ archipelago of tiny nations, to the far North. There, he is swept up into the power of Thule, masters its secret magical technology and becomes the warlord who will save his people. As Wessex and the other nations