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Sorcery and Wisdom: Chaos Magic as a vehicle for Magical Philosophy

This is a talk I presented at Midsummer to a roomful of esoterically-inclined Freemasons. It was a fun afternoon, and went down well, with most of my audience. More importantly, it networked together some remarkable people... The full, extended version of the model of magic presented here is in my book Bright From the Well ( -------------------------------------------------------- The thing I’ve pursued more than anything since an early age is magical connectedness to the universe, the everyday world. I am not alone in this; I know I share this world with a minority, whose effects on it are disproportionately great, who reject its crass assumptions, its narrowing down of the epic sweep of life. Those who seek something to assuage the abiding sense that materialist dogma produces of having been robbed or defrauded. There was a slogan going round in my youth which summed up this perspective n