Egregore against weapons of mass destruction



This series of open workings is an experiment in using social media to empower a helper spirit. It’s a product of group mind, so it’s an egregore entity.

This is the original sigil for the entity WABRI, the function of which is to make sure that weapons of mass destruction are never used. 


The original spell - ‘From SNAFU to FUBAR - Five Spanners in the War-Machine’ - was done at a public Discordian event in 2018, Catch-23. Since then, we’ve been developing it to become more effective. Over 50 magical practitioners have been involved so far. 

The sigil above is the original one, the simplest, which you are encouraged to use as a starting point. In this latest stage of the workings, you are invited to put your own magic into it, to help it become a true egregore entity - something much more effective than a servitor.

This process of open magical work started at my book launch on 9/12/23. Here are some of the other sigils that were made at that event, all based on the first one.


The original sigil is a bindrune, made of the runes WUNJO, ANSUZ, BERKANO, RAIDHO, ISA. It’s a 5-pronged attack on WMDs.

The meanings we ascribed to those runes for the purposes of this working are:

WUNJO: The laughter of the universe banishes the insanity of mass destruction 

ANSUZ: The weapons don’t work

BERKANO: When it comes to it, people won’t push the button and launch WMDs 

RAIDHO: In the eye of the real, how can this possibly happen?

ISA: The snow of ISA falls into military temples


Then please make you own copy of the sigil, so you’ve got it for yourself, not just on public media.

Feel free to post that sigil up on Facebook or Mastodon, or start your own thread on another social media platform, together with the magical intention - WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ARE NEVER USED - and instructions for other people. 


Sing the name WABRI, sing the component runes if you like, contemplate the sigil and the meanings of its runes,. And skry, in other words open your mind to whatever impressions of the entity’s form appear to you. 

Don't worry if you don't get vivid images as if delivered by a deity, just ‘fake it till you make it’ and imagine what the entity would look like if you could see it. 

Egregore entities benefit from constructing a mythic history for them. Tell some stories of the history of WABRI!


Record your visions but please don't share them yet. We want to give people plenty of time to do their own skrying without being exposed to other people’s visions, which could bias their own.

We will share the visions on Imbolc, 1st February 2024.

After that, the WABRI egregore is out there, with a lot of forms to choose from!

Please copy & paste this into your own feed/blog if you wish. Also please make suggestions - this is an experimental working!


This working could be the first stage of a series of egregore workings. These can be thought of as crystallizations of global transpersonal intelligence that will nudge the world onto a better course. 


In the course of writing essays and talks about WABRI, I investigated John-Joan Mastodon. This is an entity formed in chaos, and is tangentially relevant to egregores. Some of the John-Joan Mastodon images are on this blog:


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